Richmond, CA
Mandisa Regenerative Arts
Ruffled Feathers: Women’s Rhizome for Embodied Art & Earth-Honoring Practices
From  Sat, January 05, 2019
To  Sat, February 16, 2019
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Event dot arrow openI am ready to nourish my roots in a circle of vibrant womyn!
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Ruffled Feathers 6-Week Online Deepening Rhizome [+] 8 12/20/2018 $321.00
Ruffled Feathers: Women’s Rhizome for Rooted Connection Through Movement, Art, and Earth-Honoring Practices A Six-Week Online Sister Circle Offering is $321 if honored by December 20th at Midnight. After December 21st, 2018 the offering is $399.
Scholarship pricing [+] 2 12/31/2018 $160.00
Sisters who receive the partial scholarship receive a discount on the $321 enrollment offering. Thank you for joining us!
Deposit for Monthly Payment Plan (6 months)  [+] 10 $70.00
A payment plan is available for women who prefer to spread out the tuition cost over a six-month period. The total cost for the program will be $420 with a $70 monthly charge. The deposit of $70 will cover the first payment. Thank you for joining us!
Offering After December 20th, 2018 [+] 10 01/12/2019 $399.00
Ruffled Feathers: Women’s Rhizome for Rooted Connection Through Movement, Art, and Earth-Honoring Practices A Six-Week Online Sister Circle. The enrollment offering will increase after December 20th, 2018.
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Join me, Mandisa Amber in my new offering...

Ruffled Feathers: Women's Rhizome for Embodied Art &
Earth-Honoring Practices

6-Week Online Sister Circle

Doors Open June 15th. Program: Saturday, June 23rd - Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Ruffled Feathers is an online program for women who utilize movement, art, and earth-based practices as tools to gather wisdom that is intrinsically linked to women's bodies and healing abilities. 

This special and powerful gathering of women is inspired by a rhizome, a tuber or stem continuously growing underground. From this stem, many roots emerge and reach deep into the earth. To read more about Ruffled Feathers please see my website here.

Dancing with Yeye

Materials: Access to computer and internet is suggested so you can immerse yourself in our online space. All bodies accepted! Your physical body may or may not move in the ways you envision are best for you in this lifetime. Please know that we support you and welcome you as you are. 

For many women, our beliefs are very much intertwined with our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing.  We hold the copper threads of healing life force in our hands and can work together to design a life that is regenerative and affirming. In our return to women-centered ways of knowing, we mobilize in ways that create long lasting change and transformation. Connecting with the earth and our sisters can realign the universe. - Mandisa

Mandisa Amber Wood, M.A., M.F.A., is a Bay Area, CA artist, dancer, educator, urban farmer, and food justice activist. Mandisa incorporates intuitive painting, performance, regenerative and permaculture design, and transformative learning in her method for vibrant expression. Mandisa is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Sustainability Education program at Prescott College. She is initiated in the Lucumí tradition; a spiritual tradition indigenous to West Africa and present throughout the diaspora. She is adjunct faculty at a local California Community College in the Humanities Department.  Her courses are grounded in theories and approaches that are inclusive and accessible to those impacted by systems of oppression, while also providing a critical lens for the analysis of structural racism, femicide, and other social issues.  She is grateful for the opportunity to travel, teach, and learn in places where love is a key to resilience, wellbeing, and liberation. 

Feel free to share any additional questions or concerns with me by email at

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